Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Northern Times.

We always take a week each year to head back to the beloved North, last year it was in May but we decided to wait until August of this year due to a number of Northern events happening and felt it would fit snug in between our trip to Edinburgh and our friends celebration. As most of you know, I love the North, I talk about it all the time and feel very proud of my Northern routes, we at least visit once a month and I literally can’t wait until the day we head back to the beautiful Northern ways of living for good. 

My move to London occurred due to me feeling lost in who I was and unsure of the right road to turn down, the one I was taking was certainly not caring and fulfilling to me and I felt I was stuck in a bit of a black hole. After a lovely weekend in London with a good friend I decided f I wanted to move, this was August 2009 by January 2nd 2010 I was in London in a shared house with a group of strangers. My plan was to be in London for a year, further my experience in my work and really sort my confused head out, well 3.5yrs down I am still here, and married, a qualified counsellor and a chicken owner. I have always wanted to go back and have had some really low moments where I was about to leave London but reasons for (beautiful Curly) has stopped me from doing this and have encouraged me to carry on and see out the Southern ways. As I enter my 30’s though it has never been clearer to me how much the North means to me and how as I embrace a new part of my life I know my future lies back home in Newcastle with the Northumberland coast on my doorstep.  

The last two years we have been so lucky with our chosen week back home as the sun has shone and we have managed to do everything we want too. This year was just the same (bar the one day of constant rain); we visited a number of our favourite Northumberland castles, beaches and woods and really soaked in the fresh coastal air. This trip we spent an afternoon in Jesmond Dene, a place where I have spent many a Sunday with my Dad walking and enjoying the café, we met friends at Plessey Woods which is a Northumberland Country Park which again is soaked with beauty and an enjoyable walk around the woody forest. We also drove to Bamburgh and spent the afternoon on the beach with beautiful Bamburgh Castle bordering the coastal line. We also drove to Craster and walked from Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle then on to Newton beach, the beach was beautiful and Sam stated it was his favourite beach in Northumberland, the sun was blazing and we enjoyed dipping in the sea, reading our books and playing with adorable bow dog digging and encouraging her to take a dip.

I always feel so relaxed and happy after a week back home, there feels no pressure to do things and being able to get away and enjoy the outdoors without it being a huge venture is such a privilege and I now understand how lucky I am to have been brought up in a city with a beautiful surrounding coast line. I know for me bringing children up with these same privileges and options is really important, the quality of life that can be had with such ease of access is paramount to a positive upbringing and I feel a good quality of upbringing is about having access to be away from the city and the bustle of crazy city life. To be away from it all and forget the stress of the materialistic society we live in is essential to a more complete being and better sense of what’s important, as I grow older I learn this more about myself and understand what’s important to me, it’s took some time but I finally feel I am more in touch with who I am and the connection I have to Northumberland has definitely provided me this new sense of happiness and connectedness to my core being.